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September 02

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July 29
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"What’s stoppin’ you?"

May smirked moving closer to Jack, her eyebrow raising slightly.
"Just one little thing." she whispered.

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[text] Mells. Mells give it back.

Make me

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agentmelindamay-thecavalry asked: "Coulson - what are you doing down here in the middle of the night?" she blinked, padding up to his figure that was slumped against the wall - weird etching's covering it. Her heart started racing as she got closer, realising he was holding a knife and that the etchings were new. "Oh God no..." she breathed as she reached him, placing a hand on his to try and rouse him. "Phil."




"Mmng?" Phil woke with a start and when he realised it was May, woke a little slower.  He rubbed at his eyes with his free hand.  "Where…?"  He looked around the storage room, not realising when he dropped his knife.  "Why am I down here?" he asked, slipping his hand free and moving to get up.

He was right of course.
He was always right.
That’s what made him him.
Reluctantly still - May cautiously placed the knife into his palm, hoping that nothing would happen.
His other words running through her mind as she did so.
She would do a lot more than just put a tracker on him. She’d make sure that he was okay herself. If it meant missing a few nights sleep - so be it. She was there to protect him - and that was exactly what she was going to do.
"You’re not going to go crazy and kill people - I won’t let you." was all that she could manage to say in response. He seemed so okay with it all - like this wasn’t anything bad.

Phil held his hand still for a moment, as though to prove to her that he was not a threat to her (she knew that, she always had known) or his team.  Then, with a quick flick, he closed the blade and put it in his sleep-pants pocket.

"I know you wont."  And he did - especially after everything that had happened.  "You saw the report - you know what to look for.  If some weird nighttime hypergraphia is the worst I exhibit," he spread his hands, shrugged, then knocked on his head.  "We should be just fine."

A wave of relief swept over her as she saw nothing change about Phil when the knife was in his hand.
Whatever this was - it wasn’t triggered by the knife. And that was a useful thing to know - although it would have been far better if it were - as it would have been very quick to identify the issue. But now - just more questions.
She couldn’t handle the thought of Phil going mad. Loosing his mind. One of the amazing things about him. The thing that made him so - - him.

Melinda shook her head.
"You saw the report too Phil - you know this is just the beginning. Stop playing this down. Stop pretending like you’re not concerned about this - I know we have bigger fish to fry - but with out you - what the hell do you think we’re going to do?"
She hadn’t meant to snap - she didn’t want to argue again, not now they seemed to be heading back into the right direction. But he needed to realise that this was a big fish too!

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Place One in My Inbox: Questions Edition

May faltered, furrowing her brow at Simmons.
"Simmons - what are you talking about?"

She couldn’t do this. She could barely focus at the stupid panic at Fitz waking and finding himself alone, hurt gaze uncertain as she watched the older woman. Jemma had barely been coping anyway but this? This was far too much to deal with. “Fury doesn’t get involved anymore, he left. It’s… why would Coulson do this?” He was the only other viable option no matter what she wanted to believe. Jemma wanted to trust in their leader but he’d been acting odd recently and logic told her if it wasn’t May there weren’t many options. “I’m not working badly. I’m still doing my best for the team.” Of course she’d blame herself, it seemed to be all she was doing these days.

Melinda could see the pained expression in Simmons’ eyes. She couldn’t bare to see her like this. It reminded her too much of herself in the days after Bahrain. All that guilt and concern. Everything that she’d been through. She couldn’t bare to see that expression on Simmons’ face, because she knew just what the younger woman was going through.
Slowly, she lifted a hand and placed it on Simmons’ shoulder.
"He’s not himself at the moment. Coulson - he’s troubled. But I’m sure if he did do this, it was for your health. Your safety." she paused, doubting her words. Coulson was acting off - she’d been meaning to find out about it - but they were so busy.
"I know you are - I trust that you know what you’re doing."
Removing her hand she went to turn away.
"Lets go to the hospital. I’ll see what I can do."

The touch made Jemma falter. It had been a long while since anyone had initiated contact- Skye once in a while but the young woman too distracted at the moment. Without Fitz there, there was nobody to make her feel human. Nobody to remind her that she was indeed still her own person and not just living to make up for the bad things it felt she had done. Knowledge that she wasn’t to blame left little impact in the mass scale of how much better she could have done. How much stronger she should have been. But she hadn’t been and now Jemma was so determined to make up for it, suddenly having part of her ‘make your own redemption’ plan was leaving her breathless and frightened. “This isn’t for my health or safety.” She softly pointed out because it wasn’t. It was making it ten times worse, slowly moving to follow the other. 

It was strange seeing the young woman so tense. It wasn’t in Simmons’ nature to be like this. The preppy, bushy tailed, agent that had joined them way back, it seemed, was gone. A distant memory.
And May hated herself for knowing that she was the one that had offered them the place on the team. That she could be held accountable for everything that had happened to them.
She should have been there to protect them. She shouldn’t have ever let them go off by themselves. They were so young. They had their whole lives ahead of them. And who was she to deprive them of that?
But now - it seemed as though she could be responsible for the loss of one of them.
And she couldn’t bare the thought of how Simmons would manage without Fitz.
Everyone could see that they were more than best friends. They were two sides of the same coin.
Right now - May would do anything to see that coin sparkling again.
"If Coulson did this - then that would be the only reasons he would do it." she tried to reason.
With who she did not know.
Climbing into the SUV she waited for Simmons to follow her before starting the engine and pulling off towards the hospital.

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Open to team members



"You don’t have to tell me what it is. I’m not one to pry - I just want you to know - that if you ever need to talk -" she paused, not finishing her sentence. She was sure Skye would understand. 

Melinda didn’t care if she found out what was keeping Skye awake, she didn’t care if she never found out.
What May cared about was how it effected Skye - what it was doing to her. Having been through trauma herself - she knew that people needed help, or just a friend who would simply be there. ~
May reached out a gently hand and placed it on Skye’s, giving it a little squeeze.

Skye gripped May’s hand, taking comfort in the contact, a rare show of affection from the older, more stoic agent. Leaning her head on her knees, she closed her eyes tightly, trying to block out the memories that wouldn’t leave her alone.

She waited a good long moment before speaking again, trying unsuccessfully to will the quiver out of her voice, “I move around a lot as a kid. I had a lot of foster families. Three months here, three months there… some were good, some were… there was one… we were pulled out early. I wouldn’t have survived three months.” She hesitated, “Sometimes I wish I didn’t survive what I did.”

May’s eyes lingered on their hands a moment, before returning to Skye’s face. She was glad she could comfort the younger agent. She’d always thought that Skye was a little afraid to approach her - for good reason, when she’d first joined, she hadn’t thought much of her, but she’d proven herself time and time again. And May had warmed to her. More than she let on.
If there was anything she wanted, was for Skye to feel safe and happy her - with her new family. And she would do anything aid that.

May listened. Concern covering her features as the tale continued. Her heart sinking upon hearing the younger woman’s words.
She couldn’t mean that could she? Surly she was happy in the knowledge that whatever had happened had shaped her into the woman she was today, and the reason she was here now?
May shook her head.
"Don’t ever feel like that. You survived because you needed to - because there is more that you could have done with you life, what you’re doing right now. Our past may haunt us, but it also shapes us - into better people."

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